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Angel in the Dark

She was the daughter of a cop killer.

He was considered a hero for executing her father.

They should be like oil and water. Instead, they are fire and gasoline, burning so hot, they catch everything around them on fire.

Porter Michaels

In a moment of vulnerability, Porter pays her respects to the family of one of the officers killed by her father. Her intent was to apologize for her father’s sins and leave. She never expected to find herself in the arms of the victim’s brother, Officer Benji Branson.

Benji Branson

Benji, unfortunately, is the one that killed Porter’s father. After just meeting her, he can’t avoid the irresistible pull, especially when they are forced to work together. Being the school’s new resource officer should be easy but after an attack on the police station, everyone is pointing fingers at Porter. Forcing Benji to choose sides.

Will he protect her, or listen to the naysayers and walk away from the woman he’s fallen in love with?

Find out if the flame between them will survive and burn bright, or will Porter end up the Angel in the Dark.

TW: school shooting, death of a police officer, watching a loved one die, mention of drug overdose, mention of childhood trauma

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