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  • Krys Rayne

Book Review~ Malady: A Necrosis of the Mind Book 2 by Trisha Wolfe

Updated: May 12, 2022

Imagine someone kidnapping you and altering your brain to be something you are definitely not. Well, this happens to Blakely Vaughn when she is kidnapped by Alex Chambers during a revenge job. Blakely does escape Alex but not without a few side effects of what Alex had done to her. Blakely finds herself hating Alex at the same time she yearns for him. She also learns more about herself and that she is a psychopath which Alex professes as trying to cure. However, Alex didn’t cure Blakely of her psychopathic tendencies but made the feelings stronger.

At the beginning of the story, Alex finds, or rather, stalks Blakely, and they find themselves targets of Grayson Sullivan, another sociopath who murdered others for crimes they committed. Grayson is also a the antihero from Trisha Wolfe's Born Madly, Born Darkly duet (and also my extremely favorite character in all of Ms. Wolfe’s books).

Malady is the second book in the Necrosis of the Mind Duet and it brings you on a roller coaster of feelings and events. Ms. Wolfe is definitely an author I enjoy. She is one of my idols in the dark romantic suspense genre. One of the things Trisha Wolfe does is has a way of making you fall in love with characters you would normally deem evil incarnate.

I kid you not, Malady is no different. 😉

If you are interested in reading the duet, I suggest reading book 1, Cruel, to understand exactly what happens between Alex and Blakely before diving into Malady.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out Malady right here (click on the book cover below).

From USA Today bestselling author Trisha Wolfe comes the dark and twisted finale of the duet that will leave you breathless. Blakely Vaughn is no longer shrouded from a world of feeling. She’s been thrust into the light, emotions assailing her and making her question her sanity as she hunts the man responsible—the bastard who made her feel. When Dr. Alex Chambers conducted a crude experiment on her in an effort to cure psychopathy, he did more than just remedy her sickness; he changed the very fabric of Blakely’s existence. Having abandoned his project when the cruel woman he fell for convinced him it was a failure, Alex has returned to the city in search of an answer. After numerous failed attempts, his body count is stacking, and he’s attracted the attention of the infamous Angel of Maine serial killer—the monstrous catalyst for his research. Now both Alex and Blakely are in danger of being eliminated by Grayson Sullivan. Once enemies, now drawn together in a toxic tangle of love, hate, and maddening obsession, a twisted malady of the heart will test Alex and Blakely until they’re left with only two choices: save one another…or be each other’s ruin. *An enemies-to-lovers dark romance not for the faint of heart.

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