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  • Krys Rayne

Debut Novel Coming Soon- Crush: A Supermarket Romance

Its finally almost here! My first book, Crush: A Supermarket Romance will be ready to publish July 20th. Here is the cover and official blurb. I can't wait to shate this story with the world.


I have a secret, and it could get me fired. 

My crush on my new boss, Nathan Daniels, was harmless enough until I ran into him at a night club called Dark Amber. There, we shared a kiss so hot it nearly gave me brain damage. 

Not that he knew it was me. Or so I hope...


Brenna thinks I don't know it was her I kissed. Little does she know, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The electric jolt of her lips on mine has consumed my every thought. 

Yet the more time I spend with quiet, reserved Brenna, the more I wonder if she really was the sexy, sultry woman I danced with in the dark. 

 Can I convince her to take a risk and embrace the sizzling side of her that drove me crazy? Or will fear of what could happen keep her hidden behind her shy and inhibited persona? 

Author's note: This story is appropriate for those over the age of 21. There may be triggers of rape. Read at your own risk. 

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