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  • Krys Rayne

Lovely Bad Things (Book 1 of the Hollows Row series) by Trisha Wolfe

Society tells us that psychopaths are wrong and evil. They’re supposed to be the villains of the story. I think at least 90% of the time that’s true. But when it comes to Trisha Wolfe and her books??? Pffffft… that theory flies right out of the window.

(Just a warning, there may be spoilers beyond this point.)

Criminologist Halen St. James worked on a case where it was evident the brilliant Philosophy Professor, Kallum Locke murdered a colleague during the Harbinger murders. However, the verdict came back as Professor Lock was not guilty of the crimes but criminally insane and sentenced to a psychiatric ward.

Now, six months later, Halen is up against another psychopath and comes across messages left at the crime scene of a new case that deals with none other than philosophy quotes. She decides she is in need of Kallum’s help temporarily to capture the killer before sending him back to the psyche ward.

Sometimes it takes me a couple weeks to read a book but this one… I read it in less than three days. There was A LOT of chemistry between Halen and Kallum (OMG Kallum is the sexiest name in the universe. FYI) that it literally flies off the pages. I was so engrossed in this book I totally lost… I don’t want to say consciousness because that would just be creepy LOL. I think I went through a time and space continuum kind of thing and I lost perception of what reality was while reading. When they walked through something called the “killing fields” I could see the reeds coming from the grass and they spooky trees that… well I don’t want to tell you everything do I? 😉

This book was just so good and I can’t express how much I enjoyed it. The sex was blazing off the pages. I was in the middle of the last hawt scene and this big, freaking black jumping spider came out of nowhere! I nearly through my phone across the grass (we had a tag sale that day) and I jumped so high and must have looked like I was dancing if anyone walked by. Luckily the damn spider moved to another chair, and I moved my chair on top of the porch. Anyhow, this adrenaline was rushing through me. I don’t know if it was from the blazing scene or the damn spider who luckily didn’t bite me.

Anyone who does enjoy a lot twisted and a lot sexy hawt… you will enjoy this book. There’s a lot of WTF am I reading parts but trust me. You will enjoy it.

Did I mention it’s a series??? Oops, I may have forgotten that little tidbit. 😊

Go forth and buy this book. Seriously. You’ll come back and thank me.

PS, it is only available on Amazon.

He’s the devil. And she’s his wicked game. An enemies-to-lovers dark romance with a thrilling twist from the disturbed mind that brought you the Darkly, Madly Duet. Halen: They say eyes are the windows to the soul—but when he looks at me through hues of slate-green and flaring blue embers, I’m terrified of what’s watching me from behind his clashing gaze, something primal and feverish that threatens to melt me like fire in ice. I fear falling into Kallum Locke’s pitch-black soul. But after I’m called to a crime scene to investigate the most gruesome act of violence to descend on the legendary town of Hollow’s Row, I have no choice but to turn to Kallum, to the man I had locked away in an asylum for the criminally insane. He’s the leading expert on all things Nietzsche and occult. And now, to get answers, I’m forced to make a deal with the devil himself. Kallum: Really, eyes are the windows to the soul? Then I wonder what little Halen St. James thinks of all the cryptic eyes watching her in the killing fields… I wonder if the hairs on her delicate nape lifted away, if a thrilling shiver raced over her soft skin. She’s desperate for the answer, and she’ll do anything to uncover it—even make a deal with me, dangling freedom like bait on a hook. But she’s far more tempting to sink my teeth into than any lure. And the pain will taste twice as sweet. CW: Serial killers. Crime scenes. Dark themes. Violence. Murder. Blood and sharp object play. Occult references. Loss of loved ones. As this is dark romance, there are likely other dark themes and situations, so please read responsibly.

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