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  • Krys Rayne

Review: Cruel: A Necrosis of the Mind duet by Trisha Wolfe

Updated: May 12, 2022

Do you start a book already knowing who your rooting for? Will the hero/heroine win your heart or will the villain get your vote? Normally I always root for the heroine and hero. But this time... it was a WTF moment. But in a GOOD way.

"From USA Today bestselling author Trisha Wolfe comes a new dark psychological thriller.

I was born a psychopath. But he made me a killer.

Revenge is a lucrative business, and for Blakely Vaughn, it's more than just profitable, it's fun--until it becomes personal.

As a biomedical scientist, Dr. Alex Chambers has devoted his life to the study of curing diseases. When he loses someone close to him to an act of violence, he vows to cure the illness he believes is at fault.

Blakely and Alex collide on a path of immeasurable ruin. A quest to avenge a loved one sparks a dark and deadly obsession, where a dangerous union of cruel minds raises the question: How far is too far?"

I really, really enjoyed this book. There were just times where I really didn't know who I was wanting to see succeed. Alex? Or Blaklely? I wasn't too sure I liked Blakely because she had this kind of... attitude maybe? She was unfeeling and unselfish. But then, I liked Alex but he was truly freaky by the middle of the book and the tables kind of switched on me. In the end though... I ended up rooting for the both of them.

But who is the hero and who is the villain....


You'll just have to figure it out for yourself.

If you devour psychological thrillers like I do, then you will surely love this book.

Check it out ~~> Amazon

And if you'd like to learn more about Trisha's books, check out her FB Page and website.

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