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  • Krys Rayne

Seasonal Writing… or is it just like seasonal allergies? #mackadebloghop #writing #community

You know, I never actually thought about it. But is makes so much sense!

You know how Winter has the flu and colds and those nasty allergies (I get allergies all year round since I became an adult and it SUCKS). Plus there are the winter blues. I remember once, I was so depressed during the winter once when I was a little younger and I couldn’t freaking understand why! I’m thinking now maybe it was because it’s the cold and there is nowhere to really go- I live in New England and not much is open unless you enjoy skiing or losing money at the casino.

I think writing could possibly be the same way.

I finished my first draft of Angel in the Dark, my next release which is a contemporary romance/small town heroes romance. I finished Monday and I was like, Awesome! Now, I can go back to my novel I am rewriting. I had planned on writing all that week………

I did absolutely nothing.

No writing, nada.

I just read a little and advertised Forget Me Not since it was leaving Kindle Unlimited as of yesterday.

So I’m going to say yes, writing is possibly seasonal. Winter is cold and gloomy. We don’t start perking up around here at least until the end of March to maybe the middle or end of May. Depends on how long Father Winter keeps us in his grasp.

Now, I have to go into the editing cave. Wake me up when March pops in.



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