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Works  in Progress

Angel in the Dark- TBD

Benji Branson, a police officer, witnessed his younger brother's death and shot the shooter. At the funeral reception, the shooter's daughter, Porter, comes to apologize for what her father had done. Except, Benji takes her to a hotel for a one night stand. 

Reluctantly, Benji agrees to take his brother's post as an SRO officer in the school his brother worked in. This is the same place Porter works as music teacher, also a pariah to the community because of what her father has done. Passion once more ignites between the two of them but the same grief and uncertainty still remain by the actions of one individual who caused a chain reaction. Can they put their grief anf pain to the side to heal one another?

Expected Release Date: Spring 2023

The Masquerade- TBD

Brenna Roberts has a crush on her crush on the assistant store manager, Nathan. The only problem? She's eight years older than him and their store manager has a no fraternization policy.

She runs into him at the Masquerade Ball the store manager holds once a year and ends up giving Nathan her virginity. Except he doesn't know its her. It was only when she ran that a gun shot went off and realized she'd left her shoes with Nathan.

Nathan can't get his Cinderella out of his head. She'd been a virgin. And then she ran. He now had the added complication of the store manager being shot at the masquerade. Nathan finds out exactly who his Cinderella is a couple days later and wants to claim more from her. 

Brenna has secrets in the closet she fears anyone finding out. With Nathan's help, he's able to open up but the fear still remains. Can Nathan help Brenna through her fears and will they find their happily ever after?

Expected Release Date: Fall/Winter 2023

The Story of the Black Widow (Trilogy)- TBD

Luna Vedova is not your predictable mob boss. She witnessed her parents death while they were on the run from a dangerous man in the Cosa Nostra, "The Wolf".

From a child to an adult with the help of an American Irish mob boss, Luna plans the death of The Wolf. A passion ignites between Luna and someone she had never anticipated loving. There is betrayal, sex, love and revenge in the pages of this story. The Godfather has nothing on Luna's story and how she created a dynasty all her own.

Expected Release Date: Summer 2024

The Thompson Brood Book 1: Trick's Bride- TBD

Avery ran from a religious cult as the leader was forcing her into an unwanted marriage. She ends up in a national park and Luc Thompson brings her home where he tells her she will be safe.

Trick Thompson comes home early from a camping expedition. He finds a spitfire in his bed and it isn't until later that he finds out the reason why Avery is living in his family's home. 

Sparks fly from the start between Avery and Trick. It isn't until Trick hatches a plan that he realizes the danger Avery is in.

Can Trick keep Avery safe along with his heart or is it too late?


Expected Release Date: Spring 2025

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